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For this project, I was hired by Michael J. Keplinger to support the implementation of the website for Keplinger IT. At that time, Christoph Keplinger, the founder of Keplinger IT, was just starting out and recognized the need for a professional Internet presence to represent his company. Michael J. Keplinger commissioned me to optimize the website in terms of content, design and technology. The focus was on the logical and structured presentation of the content as well as on improving the user experience, search engine optimization and the loading time of the site.

My services for Keplinger IT

Support in web development

Christoph Keplinger’s vision was to establish his company as a reliable partner for comprehensive IT security solutions and technical services. His exact requirements included the development of a clear website that clearly communicates the variety of services offered and appeals to potential customers. It was also important that the website functioned technically flawlessly and created a professional presence for Keplinger IT. The focus was on giving visitors a clear overview of the services offered and encouraging them to make contact or book.

To implement these requirements, I worked with Michael J. Keplinger to revise and optimize the Keplinger IT website. Technical aspects such as page loading speed and user-friendliness were improved to ensure better performance and user experience. In addition, the design was adapted to the vision and requirements of Christoph Keplinger to ensure a professional and appealing presentation of the services. The main challenges during the project were to present the variety of services clearly and at the same time ensure the technical functionality of the website. These were overcome by working closely with Michael J. Keplinger and Christoph Keplinger to achieve a satisfactory result.

Further credits

Michael J. Keplinger

Order, organization, customer support, web design, web development

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